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We specialize in preserving and storing valuable cell lines for your research needs. Our secure and controlled environment ensures the long-term viability and accessibility of your cell lines. Trust us to safeguard your invaluable scientific assets and facilitate their easy retrieval whenever you need them. Discover a reliable partner for your cell line banking requirements with our dedicated services.

Available Cell Lines


For submitting manuscripts that have made use of services or resources from this center, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE SUPPORT by inclusion of the following information:

"This work was supported by the “UCLA Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Center for Precision Genomic Medicine”

Please link each publication stemming from work performed in the center to your MyNCBI account. This will ensure that the contributions from NIH are appropriately acknowledged in renewal and continuation applications. This NIH requirement must be satisfied as part of our efforts to provide consistent access to stabling funded center resources.

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